Alternative Lending Advantages

Online Lenders

Each time a major economic downturn or depression occurs, the consumer debt industry closely inspects how consumers react. Their response can have a monumental impact as to deciding when the risky situation has passed and what methods they use to stabilize their personal finances. After the 2008 sub-prime mortgage debacle, FDI noticed a hike in borrowers requesting online credit card refinancing and debt consolidation services. While the banks placed their lending services on hold for both small business and personal loans purposes, the online lending industry held steady and was able to finance a record number of loan applicants. Borrowers can pay off debt with a consolidation loan that combines multiple loans into one easy to manage loan with a fixed term and fixed interest rate. Plus, there is only one monthly payment. The confusion of too many due dates and tracking interest rate payments is eliminated. This fundamental service sustained many individuals' finances during a difficult time.

Our Financial Intelligence

FDI Members

The FDI economic analysis system is closely protected intellectual property. All information used to conduct our financial reports is collected from the public domain. However, FDI investigates more than just general gauges like gross domestic product. Unearthing the often obscure economic indicators and determining their value is where we differ from other authorities within the financial data collection industry. In turn, we do require all members, advisers, partners, and employees sign an intellectual property agreement.