Small Dollar Short Term Loan Providers

FDI researches the online financial market to find loan providers whose practices and policies are compliant with current consumer protection laws. We are confident that the online lenders we studied offer borrowers short term financing with some of the fairest rates and terms in the industry. Our top recommendations can be found listed below.

Payday Alternatives

At Payday Alternatives, consumers can learn about short term loans and other alternatives to payday loans.

My Green Loans

My Green Loans provides short term loans with no prepayment penalties and there are no fees for borrowers to check their rate.

Cash Advance Online

Borrowers can get cash in as little as 2 days when applying online for a short term loan from Cash Advance Online.

Military Financial

Short term loans offer military members, reservists, veterans, and their families fast financing to cover emergency expenses.

Our Financial Intelligence

FDI Members

The FDI economic analysis system is closely protected intellectual property. All information used to conduct our financial reports is collected from the public domain. However, FDI investigates more than just general gauges like gross domestic product. Unearthing the often obscure economic indicators and determining their value is where we differ from other authorities within the financial data collection industry. In turn, we do require all members, advisers, partners, and employees sign an intellectual property agreement.