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Recently, a key component for measuring the nation's economic health has been tracking the modern online lending markets. After the housing market crash in 2009, banks could no longer continue with their poor mortgage lending practices, which left many Americans who had poor or no credit without access to financing. The online lending market, which is not supervised by the same regulations and standards as private banking institutions, quickly expanded their services by issuing borrowers these higher risk loans. Online financial markets took full advantage of the customer surge. The industry is experiencing growing interest from online lenders, borrowers, and investors. Partaking in the interest, FDI began releasing the "FDI Online Lending Market Annual Report" in 2013 for our members. This report reveals how online lenders share in the consumer credit market, especially the small dollar short term lending market, is directly affecting the financial viewpoints of policymakers, economists, and scholarly outlets.

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The FDI economic analysis system is closely protected intellectual property. All information used to conduct our financial reports is collected from the public domain. However, FDI investigates more than just general gauges like gross domestic product. Unearthing the often obscure economic indicators and determining their value is where we differ from other authorities within the financial data collection industry. In turn, we do require all members, advisers, partners, and employees sign an intellectual property agreement.